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Floor coverings removal is one of the most important aspects of any floor renovation project and usually is a dirty and tiring job.  In this process, we assist clients with removing the old floor coverings such as tiles, carpets, lino, vinyl, timber flooring and any other material stuck directly to the substrate.  We then remove the adhesive, making floors ready for new flooring solutions.

Some of Our Projects

Floor Removal Auckland

Although we operate as an exceptional floor polishing partner, we also focus on floor removal throughout Auckland. Floor removal is an essential service for people looking to renovate their homes or businesses. Contractors who don’t possess the necessary tools or equipment, and developers starting a new project, call on us to do it for you. Using modern techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, we can make easy work of your stubborn, old flooring.

How Do We Provide Our Floor Removal Services?

When asking anyone who has done it themselves, floor removal is a tedious and labour-intensive process, fraught with unforeseen challenges and issues. By having our teams take care of your flooring removal, you can save time and money without lifting a finger. We go about removing your floor by:

  • Removing old floor coverings such as tiles, carpets, lino, vinyl, timber flooring and any other material stuck directly to the substrate. With our machinery and special equipment, we can conveniently remove the floor coverings without damaging the foundations, revealing the blank concrete beneath.
  • Removing of adhesives. After removing the floor coverings, there may be remnants of adhesive materials and chemicals. Because these adhesives serve the purpose of being as sticky as possible, they can be impossible to remove without the proper processes.
  • Preparation for refurbishment. Once we remove all traces of flooring and adhesives, we can finish your project by preparing it for immediate refurbishment. This enables you to start working as soon as we finish.

What Makes our Tile Removal Services in Auckland Different?

We approach each floor tile removal project with the same standard of professionalism and enthusiasm. Our firm seeks to make your life easier by offering our services with affordability and convenience as our guiding principles. With a staff of polite technicians at your disposal, we look forward to working with you.

Complete your next tile removal in record time with Pro-Uplifters.

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