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Floor Enhancing

We now offer the service of rejuvenating and maintaining polished concrete floors. Daily cleaning and restoring old and dirty polished concrete floors.

Some of Our Projects

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Clean, Seal & Burnish – Mt Eden

Floor Polishing Auckland

Once your property ages and shows signs of wear, it can quickly begin degrading, with exposed areas growing larger and more visible. By having us take care of your floor polishing in Auckland, we promote the longevity of your floors and their visual appeal. Similar to granite, when treated properly, polished concrete has become a trend for businesses and homeowners alike due to its clean look and practicality as a flooring medium.

What Sets Our Floor Polishing Services Apart?

When we form part of your once-off floor restoration project or serve as your maintenance partner, we follow the same cost-effective, time-efficient process. By using the following methodology, we can transform your floors:

  • Clean. We start each project by removing any materials that influence the quality or texture of your floors, which includes dust, gravel, or concrete crumbles. This allows us to work on a level surface, ultimately producing a smoother finished product.
  • Seal. After cleaning up, we employ our industry-leading equipment and knowledgeable teams of technicians to start the floor polishing process, and whereafter we seal your floors. Sealing your concrete flooring stops foreign materials from lodging in the nooks and crannies, allowing easier cleaning because of the super-smooth finish.
  • Maintain. Because we operate as the foremost floor polishing company, we offer our services for regular maintenance projects. By having us act as your flooring partner, you have the assurance that we will always be available to maintain your properties.
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Why Have Us Take Care of Your Concrete Floor Polishing in Auckland?

When we are responsible for your concrete floor polishing, you can have the confidence of knowing that we will work closely with you throughout the entire project. After consulting with our technical team, we can easily arrange an assessment of your property, advise accordingly, and start with your project. We understand that time is valuable, and we always approach our jobs with timeliness and efficiency in mind.

Trust Pro-Uplifters to turn your floor into a palatial surface.

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