Floor Prep & Grind

In this process we can assist customers with grinding off tile, carpet, lino, vinyl, hardwood glue and magnesite residue leaving the floors smooth and clean for new flooring solutions.

Floor Prep Process using the shot-blasting method

Some of Our Projects

wendy’s uplift tiles

Wendy’s Uplift Tiles

rain damage slab grind

Rain Damage Slab Grind

floor preparation and grinding

Steel & Tube – Auckland

Floor Grinding in process – 2200m2 at Foodie, Westgate

sylvia park & glenfield floor preparation

Sylvia Park & Glenfield

floor grinding

Auckland City

Floor Grinding in Auckland

Concrete is a versatile material that can be poured into shapes and used to make almost indestructible floors. The decline of wood floors in residential homes made a gap for stylish concrete floors to take over. We perform floor grinding in Auckland to prepare the concrete for a new overlay product, such as tiles or carpet.

The Purpose and Benefit of Concrete Floor Grinding

Anyone who has ever removed full-floor carpeting knows what a mess the old glue leaves on the concrete, or the pitting and grout residue when tiles are lifted. Floor grinding is the answer to this mess and completely prepares the concrete.

  • Our experienced operators will quickly grind off grout, glue and magnesite residue from the concrete floor, leaving the surface perfectly prepared for the new covering.
  • Uneven floors, pitted floors, and water-damaged concrete floors are restored using the right type of in-filling and grinding processes for a level and smooth surface.
  • We can also perform specific types of floor preparation, including the overall roughness of the surface, for better adhesion of certain glues.
  • Correctly performed floor stripping will increase the lifespan of the new covering by providing a well-prepared substrate for better adhesion and no bending.

Why Choose Pro-Uplifters in Auckland

We have been providing superior floor grinding services in Auckland since 2014, and before then, we have worked for over 30 years in the tile flooring industry. We understand the importance of a well-prepared surface and the challenges of creating the ideal concrete substrate for various types of floor coverings. Our floor stripping services are second to none because of our greater industry knowledge.

  • We do not just prepare your concrete floor for the next covering. We will also completely remove the existing tiles, linoleum or carpets.
  • All rubble, debris and dust are carefully collected and properly disposed of at approved sites. Our procedures and techniques create minimum floating dust.
  • Pro-Uplifters is the ideal floor contractor when you must white box a shop.

If you are a professional or a DIY tiler, carpet layer or general renovator, then Pro-Uplifters will have those concrete floors ready in a snap for you to do your work.

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